Parting Shots of Autumn Color

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Fothergilla major

The North American native Fothergilla major is one of many plants in the garden showing superb autumn color this week.

Going Out with a Flash (of Fothergilla)

The days have shortened and the skies have darkened. Yet for many, the finest moments of the gardening calendar are upon us. The garden at Heronswood is downright punchy with brilliant autumn color, made more powerful by the backdrop of moisture-laden clouds.

Though we will open next Friday and Saturday evenings with our annual Haunted Heronswood celebration- a family-fun event for boys and ghouls of all ages- and we will open the event in time for you to admire the last hurrah of autumnal effects from our world-wide collection of trees, shrubs, vines and herbaceous flora, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be the last dates until next March that one can visit during the daylight hours to study and celebrate the garden as it slips into dormancy.

So, come undaunted by predictions of rain. Who cares? We have umbrellas and you will not melt. You will, however, find countless moments of near radioactive intensity as the most colorful of pigments in the floral kingdom are unmasked by the departure of chlorophyll. And do not come believing there will be only foliage to marvel in. Many plants- Osmanthus, Elaeagnus, Cyclamen, Nerine, Colchicum and Crocus are all in fine floral form.

We hope to see you in the garden this weekend. And bring the family next Friday and Saturday for a ghoulishly good time with beer, brats and scary walks.

– Dan